Our mission is to provide individuals and teams with western experiences that intentionally create transformation and lasting leadership application for everyday life.  WYLD is built upon the science and stories of ancient indigenous  wisdom, neuroscience, and positive  psychology. Structured by the four directions, we provide the perfect setting and retreat design for each leader to tap into their own navigational compass and align their talents and values to their purpose and goals.  WYLD empowers each of us to articulate and architect the life and career we define as important and meaningful. 

Whether you are a city slicker or at one with outdoors, WYLD has plenty of exciting activities to challenge you. Moving cattle, fly fishing, archery, shooting, hiking, meditation, and intuitive horsemanship are just some of the experiences we use as a vehicle for deeper leadership awareness and development. Each day is designed to show you the impact and potential you have.  Everything we do is an opportunity for you to reflect and polish how you show up as a leader in your life back home. 5 days in the Bighorn Mountains are thoughtfully  created for your growth. 

Each individual's insight is applicable and transferable to their everyday life at home, work, or school. Upon completion, participants achieve clarity and energy to better leverage their strengths towards their goals. The work on the ranch aligns us to our own "true north" and reboots the vision and mission unique to each of us. Portable to the boardroom or around the dinner table, WYLD offers the time and space to design and define what success and a life well lived looks like for your future.