Nature moves in cycles from activity to dormancy. First comes a clearing away of the old, then a time of stillness, then new life. Seasons change in a predictable way; yet life may not always appear so orderly. What may look like turmoil is really life transforming into a new season. What may look like inactivity is really the precursor to new growth.
— Richard Rohr
mlg nature

While the speed and scale of what we do and who we do it with has dramatically increased, the addiction to immediate and non-intimate connection to the outside world limits our capacity to genuinely connect with who we are and where we are.  It is through experiences in the wild that we can best retrieve the elements of who we are. WYLD brings us back to the simplicity of using our own imagination and intuition to steer us. Our greatest power and purpose comes from leading from our true nature and uniqueness of who we are; this takes courage, self awareness, mindfulness and lots of practice. Through the activities on the ranch individuals return home with greater clarity and articulation of what their brilliance and strengths are. Participants will build their essential and primal muscle for reflection and inspiration through the immediate beauty of the Bighorns, it’s wildlife and each other.