The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there.
People will follow.
— Seth Godin
hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Kristin Gregory MEEK, MAPP

Kristin is the co-founder of WY Leadership, LLC and has been coming to Quarter G Ranch since 1989.  Sensing a hole in our leadership and education process, WYLD is her vision for using the wisdom of western land, activities and traditions for people, of all ages and industry, to get intentional with their values, talents and passions. Gallup’s 40 plus years of research in what makes people and organizations thrive combined with her love of nature, horses and experiential learning blend together as the motivation for WY Leadership.

As a Senior Strengths and Engagement Consultant at Gallup, Kristin creates and facilitates personalized learning experiences for leaders, educators, and students, using a strengths-based approach to improving well-being and achieving success in career and in life. She designs curriculum and devises and implements effective organizational performance strategies. As an executive coach, she leads team-building sessions and provides executive performance coaching for education leaders.

Kristin earned her bachelor’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Duke University and her Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology, the science of wellbeing, success and happiness from the University of Pennsylvania.  A graduate of CTI Leadership and coaching programs, she currently lives in Washington, DC.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Morgan Gregory

Morgan Gregory is the co-founder of WY Leadership, LLC and has been deeply engaged in the development and conservation of the Quarter Circle G Ranch.  As an avid outdoorsman, Wyoming has always been his location for replenishment and reflection.

The diversity of Morgan’s career creates a multitude of perspectives and knowledge used to lead high quality and high performance organizations including technology, entrepreneurship, and hospitality; his eye for creating an experience is second to none.   Whether it’s conservation, fly fishing or the history of the West, Morgan is fluent in the language of the outdoors.  His charismatic manner nudges each person beyond their comfort zone and to a new state of leadership skills.

Morgan earned his bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, and Communication from Western Maryland College and currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife Joy, son Miles, and a new addition to his family, Reese.

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Kelly Lynch, CPCC, CNTC

Kelly Lynch is a certified leadership coach and facilitator based in Calgary, Canada. Kelly’s leadership roles inside some of the world’s largest organizations inspired her to build a professional coaching and leadership development practice that helps individuals identify, integrate and actualize their natural strengths as leaders. A certified leadership coach, Kelly leverages the brain’s neuroplasticity with the art of mindfulness as a doorway to re-wiring for greater success, well-being and creativity. Kelly enhances individual and team performance and productivity through the lens of nature, neuroscience and mindfulness combined with ancient wisdom teachings.

One of Kelly’s passions is deeply rooted in a creative leadership exploration that examines the brain in nature – this includes co-designing and building experiential, nature-based programs and retreats.

Kelly is also a volunteer coach with the United Nations Development Program.

Alexandra Dupont Crosswell, PHd 

Alexandra is a health psychologist and leadership coach. She is a scientist at the University of California San Francisco where she leads research studies examining how stress influences physical and emotional health. She also works as a leadership coach for Four Bridges Advisory, a strategic growth consulting company that works with rapidly scaling companies. In her work as a leadership coach, she teaches concepts from psychological science through experiential activities to help leaders become more self-aware of their own inner self, and their impact on others. 

Alexandra is passionate about working with women early in their career to help them develop a practice of self-growth and continual learning. She started a leadership accelerator program for women in Silicon Valley called Leading the Rise. This program was an outgrowth of the inspiration and community she found when attending a WY Leadership retreat in 2013. 

Alexandra earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Duke University and her PhD in Health Psychology from UCLA. She lives in San Francisco which her husband Ben and son Carter. 



Kalli is our strategy and operations person. She's the covert conductor making sure things work. If WYLD were typical, we'd call her the chief operations officer. But to us, Kalli is the Crow. She is the bones and the protector. With a background in organization behavior and management consulting, Kalli loves solving problems and making plans.

Prior to WYLD, Kalli worked in operations at a tech startup. She managed a remote team of frontline workers and designed the operational infrastructure on which the company scaled. Kalli also worked at Deloitte in the federal strategy and operations practice, where she primarily worked within the military health system.

Kalli believes that health is our number one wealth and loves working with kids and adults on how to be their healthiest selves through physical movement and awareness. She is a personal trainer and rock climbing teacher. Kalli lives in Washington, DC with her dog River.

Grant & Karen Gregory

WYLD is inspired by the life lessons and childhood adventures Mom and Dad taught us in nature. Forever grateful, we honor our family's love of the West by inviting you to the Quarter Circle G Ranch.