"Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." - Mary Oliver

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WYLD is a unique place that offers an opportunity to pause and reflect by deeply connecting to Nature. When I attended a leadership retreat I felt shepherded on my leadership path through engaging deeply in exploring science of Strengths, neuroscience in guided conversations, and in experiences with the horses. This experience had a profound and transformative impact on my life and work.
— Yulia Sheynkman, MFA, CPCC
I highly recommend this program. WYLD was the catalyst, life-changing program for me. It certainly hit me at the right time in life. Corporate financial services companies have sent me through many leadership development programs and I had an executive coach for 10 years. But nothing was like this. I am now overwhelmingly happy seeking my true North. I wish the same for you....
In my WYLD adventure, I learned to foster wellbeing in all major areas of life: social, financial, physical, community and purpose. I continue to benefit from the cutting edge tools I added to my leadership “toolbox”, and the life-long relationships formed with my fellow tribe members and WYLD coaches. It’s an adventure so powerful that words cannot adequately describe its impact - You just need to experience it for yourself.
— Krista Logelin * Korn Ferry Leadership Consultant
Going on this retreat was the most important decision I have ever made for my career (and I mean that in the biggest sense possible). The intangible, vague and lofty idea of building a fulfilling life by living my purpose has finally become much easier for me to understand and start taking strategic steps towards. To experience the validation of your instincts telling you there are more meaningful professional paths out there that you’re beautifully suited for is just beyond words - I want everyone struggling with their career or any big change in their lives to discover the strength of their instincts! The combination of Kristin & Kelly’s leadership and their multi-layered curriculum gives you both the hard data you’re craving as well as the creative, difficult to explain, magic of a nature-driven experience. Their leadership and wisdom is truly unbelievable - they are like magical creatures I could only dream existed. The week was filled with so many inspiring breakthroughs for every person who attended, laughter, healthy tears from speaking the truth (the real truth!), incredibly moving experiences with animals, and moments of deep connection to other powerful women. I will never forget my Wyld retreat and will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to uncover my true nature in Wyoming’s open fields.
— Hannah, Entrepreneur
Wyoming: the simple world of nature and beauty. Animals that appear out of nowhere to gaze upon. The opportunity to become a screen, letting air and thought breath in and out. The moments of sheer beauty coupled with the challenge of outdoor adventure and sports that delight the achiever in us all. It is a setting that can heal and inspire, reawaken and invigorate those who summon the energy to invest.
— Nancy Oberst * Gallup, Executive Consultant